What is Vintage Fashion is Salt Lake City

Posted on Sep 30, 2011

Vintage clothing is accessible for men and women in most modern cultures throughout the world. Vintage implies that the clothing was trendy within a previous era, time period, or generation. Within the vintage genre, there are a few subcategories for types of vintage clothing.

There is retro or retrospective, meaning that the clothing belonged to a previous era. There is Repro or Reproduction, which means the clothing was popular in a previous time period, but it has been remade with modern material to have a more modern feel. There is second hand clothing, and antique clothing that somewhat fall into the “vintage” clothing category, but do not fully represent the vintage terminology.

In Salt Lake City, vintage clothing is always in style. The good thing about men and women’s vintage clothing is that as society progresses, so does fashion. This means that along with trending clothing, vintage clothing constantly changes and molds to suit the time period.

You can find a lot of vintage clothing stores in Salt Lake, but there aren’t a lot that provide a small shop, vintage mood that really adds to the atmosphere of shopping.

Unhinged in Salt Lake is just that. We are a small vintage clothing retailer just southeast of downtown Salt Lake. We just opened and are seeing great results. We sell men and women’s vintage clothing in Salt Lake, Vintage accessories in Utah, and vintage gifts in Salt Lake!!

We are located in Sugarhouse, and would love for you to stop in and check the shop out. You can see what a vintage clothing atmosphere is really like. Come Check it Out!!