Weekend Warrior

Posted on Jan 31, 2015


Time for adventure! And this year, it’s all about you. Your boldness, your exempary sense of style, your inner voice saying, “Here I am world, come and get me!” So now is the time to start sprucing up that winter wardrobe and think about go-to pieces that are transitional and seasonless. This unusually warm January Utah weather definitely has got Spring on the brains…travel, exploring, being courageous, being bold. A great flowy dress that will go anywhere you are! A simple statement making dress that says everything about you; “BON COURAGE.”

This dress that knows it will help you conquer your dreams, but your dreams are now your reality. The pack me up take me everywhere dress. Layer it, flaunt it, adorn it, and treasure it. This is one great piece from Love Nail Tree, one of our favorite boutique brands that has so much gumption and moxy.









Photo Credits: Marina Fowler. Instagram: mazeomirrors

The LOOK: All wardrobe and accessories available at Unhinged. Instagram: UnhingedUT. (1) The BON COURAGE Maxi: By LOVE NAIL TREE. (2)  Shoes: Vintage, from Maeberry Vintage. Instagram: Maeberry_vintage. (3) They Cozy/Wrap from local designer Martha Henderson of Fishy Knits. Instagram: fishyknits

Styling: Amy Taggart. Instagram: ataggart_stylist

Model: Mallory Bell. Instagram: MalloryBell