Unhinged Isn’t Just a Men and Women’s Clothing Store in Utah

Posted on Oct 26, 2011

PhotobucketWhile Unhinged is proud to say that we are a great modern and vintage clothing retailer in Salt Lake City, we would like to think that our shop is a little bit more than that. Men and Women’s vintage clothing and modern clothing including jeans, blouses, t-shirts, shorts and skirts are a big part of the inventory that we carry at Unhinged, but it’s not the only thing.

Modern and vintage accessories are another huge percentage of what we carry as well. Within this category we have tons of belts, jackets, coats, scarfs, and jewelry. The accessories we carry compliment the clothing in the shop. So you can find an entire outfit, accessories and all if you want.

There’s more though! Adding to the vintage atmosphere of the shop are gift items scattered about. The awesome thing is that they are all for sale. Items within the shop that look like decoration are placed to add that awesome vintage feel the shop, but can be taken home with you to compliment your vintage lifestyle.

This atmosphere is a another great thing about Unhinged. You come in and you feel like you are in a different time. The clothing and accessories hang from old pipes and shutters. The store sign and dressing rooms are made from old doors. It’s a sweet place to just look around in.

If you are ever in Salt Lake City and want to have a great and unique shopping experience, then Unhinged is definitely an amazing shop that is worth taking a look in.