Unhinged has Clothing, Accessories, and More in Sugarhouse!!

Posted on Dec 14, 2011

clothing sugarhouseSugarhouse is a great part of Salt Lake City that has its own vibe. While downtown SLC is definitely are great place to live, socialize, and shop, Sugarhouse is one of a kind.

Sugarhouse isn’t that big of an area, and that’s what makes it so special. 2100 S between 700 E and Foothill Dr is an especially happening area!

There are some great places to shop and eat. We have a Whole Foods, a Pardise Bakery, Chipotle, Barnes and Noble, and Sugarhouse Park. There’s awesome local shops as well like Sugarhouse BBQ, Pancake House, Yellowfin, Fiddler’s Elbow, and of course Unhinged.

Unhinged sits smack dab in the middle of everything great about Sugarhouse. It’s right along the strip where the two busiest streets cross. It’s in walking distance from tons of bars, shops, and places to eat.

Unhinged has an awesome selection of clothing in the shop. Unique clothing that can’t be found anywhere else in Utah, awesome vintage accessories, watches, and jewelry, and locally made handbags and jewelry are just a few things that Unhinged provides to help spice up your look.

The clothing types vary within the shop, but there is everything from skinny jeans, latest fashion, vintage coats, beanies, scarves, glasses, and more!

You can’t go wrong with anything from Unhinged, and you probably wont be able to go into the shop without buying something! Stop by today and check out the fantastic clothing selection in Sugarhouse at Unhinged!!