The Vintage Vault: Outerwear

Posted on Nov 14, 2014


Vintage coats are one of the best coats to own; especially the castaways that are looking for a new home from many generations ago. Wearing something with history that still has so much life and personality is nearly a rite of passage. Out with new, in with the old is a great motto to live by, and when it comes to a great coat, we’re all about salvaging. It’s like resurrecting and bringing back a long forgotten memory. We love finding and reviving a great vintage coat from the 40′s and 50′s. Even the early 60′s and 70′s.

Patchwork, fringe, fur, leather, and wool. This season it’s all about texture and heavier fabrics with an oversized fit generous for layering. Patchwork, coats, cuffs and lapels with a heavy faux fur trim, vests/coats with fringe, and a military-inspired wool pea coat with a mock neck are just some of our major crushes this season.

Owning a vintage coat is still a luxury and the upcycling revelation that brings some serious satisfaction of owning one. No matter what style you select, it is YOUR statement to make by wearing it.

(1) Leather patchwork coat $60 (2) Chocolate Faux Fur coat with white faux fur trim $50 (3) Military wool peacoat with black faux fur trim $65 (4) Suede vests with fringe $55

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