The Nerd Girl Confessions

Posted on Jan 7, 2015

She has not a clue really. So, by definition, this cluelessness could transcend itself into the utter form of a nerd. I mean, look at how she’s dressed! A total loner just waiting for someone to notice this unkept bedhead beauty. And who even uses a typewriter anymore anyway? Hasn’t she ever heard of a PC or MAC? And what is going on with those glasses? There is such a thing as contacts. And those clothes are like….waaaay to big. She looks like she’s swimming in them. And those sweaters? Did she get those from her grandparents closet? Sheesh, it looks like she just went thrift shopping.  As if….


Oh the good ole’ days. THANK GOD it’s not the 90′s anymore!  This girl IS such a NERD and she’s got incredible style without even trying. Breaking every rule, abiding by her own terms, she’s loving every second of it because she’s clever NOT clueless. This girl’s got it and she’s not even trying. She’s a rebel without a cause or a clue. This girl is our girl. She’s a purveyor. Cultivating her own style; her very own playlist of the urban nerd, and that’s what we like. We even like the fact that her hair is quite perfectly imperfect too.

CONFESSION #1: Eyewear DOES NOT need to fit your face. Go with what inspires you.

CONFESSION #2:  Wear plaid. Better yet a plaid skirt. It’ll definitely bring out the nerd in you. Just remember to always cross your legs.

CONFESSION #3: Briefcases are HOT.




CONFESSION #4: Always have a writing journal on hand. You never know when you’ll need it.

CONFESSION #5: Oversize your sweaters. It’s a necessity.




CONFESSION #6: Plants are a good distraction when you’re studying and they’re pretty.

CONFESSION #7:  Type your next college paper with a typewriter. See how far you get.

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Look 1: Flannel skirt and cardi from Maeberry Vintage, Love Nail Tree graphic tee, Kraft briefcase, Ebb and Flow necklace.

Look 2: Meilai Rags floor length flannel, Mens Black oversized cardigan, Red Barn book journals

Look 3: Lace Dress, assorted eyewear, reclaimed wood table by Clam Lynch, vintage props, all from Unhinged “Found.”


Styling by Amy Taggart