The Back Street Boooyyy….

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

I will not, I will never… Conform to what people think is normal or what “should” be worn in Men’s Fashion. Here at Unhinged we aren’t afraid to push the envelope a little, sometimes maybe we take it too far.. but honestly isn’t that what keeps things interesting and exciting? How boring would it be to spend everyday in the same clothes that everyone’s parents bought them for Christmas. Or Grandparents, we will leave it at that. My point is be inspired, take risks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a statement in what you’re wearing, if you’re walking down the streets and people are staring or if some rando off the street wants to take a photo of you, you’re doing something absolutely correct. This is our goal to make you stand from the crowd and from the norm. Because honestly we want every individual to feel like they have there own say in what they’re going to wear, even it’s a dress in Men’s Fashion this may be controversial but it’s not like it hasn’t been done, pull out your kilt let’s do this. We encourage you to be the best version of your self, and physical hygiene appearance does come into play here. Not only should your outfit be on point. But you should also be taking care of your freshly shaven face and perfectly tapered head, along with that you need to

a c c e s o r i s e.


Trust me it’s all important to achieve your final look that you’re trying to reach, it’s not an easy task. We can ALL do it. Men’s Fashion, Street-wear, Street Etiquette, Suited Up, Dressed Down, Athletic Wear, it should all be on point because you’re representing yourself, if you want to respect and love yourself and have everyone around you do the same. Whether you’re a Vintage Junkie, or a Street-wear Stunner you’ll pull it off, just believe in yourself and we will believe in you. image4This is a photo shoot we did just this week for a couple street-wear brands that we carry at Unhinged, STRESS APPAREL is a new clothing line created by a close friend, locally made distressed clothing with an attitude now featured at Unhinged as our newest local designer. Next we have a brand that you all may recognize, THESQUADCO. Out of LA, we have a carried this brand for a couple years now and they never cease to amaze us with the simplicity but sharp shredded edges that make their clothing something to be sought after by many.

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Our in house Assistant Manager Male Model Jody Martin with @niyamodels and @visionlosangeles Collaborates with @chadosaurusrex for this streetwear spread of perfectly styled emotionally rivoting photos. This editorial brought raw & dirty emotion to the Men’s Fashion Industry in Salt Lake City, UT and it won’t stop there. More Men’s Fashion Photo-shoot’s in the works, for the creative mind never really stop’s working. Let Go & Be Free -Unhinged