Recycled Vintage Books at Unhinged in Utah

Posted on Nov 29, 2011

vintage books salt lakeUnhinged is a great shop to find unique clothing for men and women. There are accessories and jewelry, but one thing you may not realize is that Unhinged carries a ton of awesome vintage items in general.

A company called Ex Libris Anonymous from Portland is a a company that is adding to the unique vintage vibe that Unhinged radiates. Ex Libris is a Latin phrase that means “from the books,” and that is exactly where this product comes from.

Ex Libris Anonymous takes old books from at least 40 years ago and removes the original spine. Replacing it with a spiral binding, like a journal or notebook. Most of the original pages are replaced with blank pages for sketching on or using like a journal. These books are an awesome and creative way to recycle, or “upcycle” as they call it, old books and continue using them! It also create a one-of-a-kind journal that no one else has!

The cool thing is that some of the original pages of the book are left within the journal, so you can kept the feel of the old-school book as you write or draw.

These are a unique vintage item that can only be found at Unhinged in Utah. So stop into the shop today and take a look!