Pretty Little Things

Posted on Jan 9, 2015

Take a look around. What do you see? How do you see it?  We believe that there is beauty in everything. “Purveyors of the Oddly Beautiful.” That IS  our mantra. Possessions that are endearing to us in one way or another because they have external or internal value. They create a feeling of nostalgia, peace, bliss….these things make our homes look lived in. They make us look and feel special.  All these little things that add up to BIG things because they are a complete representation and even and extension of ourselves. THAT is what pretty is friends.  Things that we have gathered or collected over time that we can wear, use, display, and look at. A collection of old Brownie cameras, a rusted out window frame, antiquated glass bottles, or  jewelry in it’s raw, natural state infused around  our necks and on our fingers.  Something pretty is something precious.


What a view…View-Master from Unhinged “Found.” Beaded bracelets by 10 Strings, and silverwear jewelry by “Silverwear Designs.” Vintage leather jacket by Maeberry Vintage.

DSC_2616 (2)

We believe that all things of value should be represented in their best form. To showcase them in an array of various assortments and even in the most odd and unexpected form. Nothing can be prettier than that.

DSC_2606 (2)

Vintage bottle assortment from Unhinged “Found.” Silver (vintage dinnerwear) jewelry by Silverwear Designs. Agate stone ring by LW Silverworks. Beaded bracelets by 10 Strings, All jewelry is LOCALLY MADE. Leather jacket from Maeberry Vintage, T-shirt by Love Nail Tree.

DSC_2600 (3)

Sometimes it’s just good to be Lost….and then Found.


One of a kind mined topaz and quartz silver and gold plated rings made by Third Eye Co. Copper necklaces by Elevate. All locally and handmade.

third eye

Bullet casing and topaz/quartz necklaces handmade and mined by Third Eye. Rewind shirt by Unhinged. Thermal layered shirt by White Crow.