New Products From Alchemy Goods in Salt Lake City

Posted on Nov 30, 2011

Alchemy Goods in Salt LakeThe time has come and the new shipment of Alchemy Goods (Ag) has finally arrived at Unhinged in Salt Lake City!

The messenger bags are great. The wallets are awesome! The handbags are cute. But now there is more to choose from and different products completely!

Unhinged now has laptop carrying cases from Alchemy Goods in Salt Lake! There are two types of cases. One has a handle and one is just a sleeve. And of course they are both made from the standard Ag leather that is from recycled bicycle tires! You can’t get much more original than that!

The laptop carrier isn’t the only case that Unhinged has! There is a zip-up bag for toiletries also. This bag is simple and made from recycled bicycle tires, too!

Wait!! That’s not it! There is a sweet selection of backpacks by Alchemy Goods at Unhinged as well! Great for the new semester!

Alchemy Goods is an awesome brand that can only be found at one place in Utah! And that place is Unhinged in Salt Lake City!

So come check out the great deals on products throughout the shop and maybe find a gift for a loved one for Christmas this year!!