New Naked and Famous Denim in Salt Lake

Posted on Feb 9, 2012

naked and famous denim salt lakeUnhinged is restocking up on some of the name brand clothing companies we have in the shop. This week we got a new shipment of Naked and Famous Denim jeans and shirts at Unhinged.

Unhinged is the only shop with Naked and Famous Denim in Utah. And we are definitely the only ones with the new spring jeans. Every season, Naked and Famous makes an effort to do something really unique with their denim.

The spring supply that just arrived includes the new scratch and sniff raspberry denim. When you scratch the pants, they smell like raspberries.

The raspberry jeans are not the only style that came in the shipment. There are some unique grey jeans from Naked and Famous called Frankenstein Denim. It has a rugged wash to them that makes them look a bit like Frankenstein’s creation.

Some new long-sleeve, button-up shirts arrived as well from Naked and Famous in Salt Lake and Unhinged is where they are at. They are slightly vintage and look pretty awesome. So come into Unhinged in Salt Lake and check out the new Naked and Famous line up.