New Additions and Small Business Opportunities at Unhinged

Posted on Feb 2, 2012

small and local businesses utahFor those of you who are unfamiliar with Unhinged, we are a small shop in Sugarhouse that sells modern and vintage clothing and fashion accessories for both men and women. We have great gift ideas and awesome vintage items for sale throughout the store.

We are currently working on some renovations that we think our customers and other local and small business may really appreciate. Unhinged is adding onto the store with what we are calling the Unhinged Platform. If you have been into the shop in Sugarhouse, you may or may not have noticed a little area hidden by a curtain.

This small area actually goes up a short flight of stairs into another large room. It isn’t quite ready yet, but we are in the process of tearing up the carpet and painting the room. In a short time, it is going to look really great!

This area is going to be set up so small businesses or local product designers can rent out a booth for really cheap within Unhinged.

The new Platform idea will be great for local artists and designers to promote their products without having to pay a lot of money to rent an entire shop.

It will be great for customers too because it will add a whole new section to the shop. It will be like little local marketplace within our store where you will be able to go from booth to booth looking at unique, locally made products in Utah! We are really excited and think it will be a great addition to Unhinged and the Sugarhouse area.

The Platform is about 1500 sq feet and will be segmented into booth-like areas that range from 50-500 sq feet. These areas can be designed however you like, you can choose to manage them, or have Unhinged take care of it if you want.

We will add your products to our promotions and market your products through events, ads, and social media.

Since Unhinged is becoming known for carrying locally made products and supporting local artists and designer, we encourage locals to come in and take a look at the new Platform! We are hoping to be able to promote things ranging from homemade products to art and music.

Pricing for a booth is very reasonable and negotiable, so please call in to unhinged today at 801.467.6588 or email us at