More Local Items at Unhinged in Salt Lake!!

Posted on Nov 23, 2011

Locally Made Salt LakeUnhinged has not been around for a very long time, but the short time that we have been in business does not stop the locals from bringing items into the shop. Just as fast as they are coming in, they are flying out!

People love locally made products because the handcrafted look is evident, they are unique and exclusive, and by purchasing locally you are helping small business and local product designers to succeed.

There are three new local designers that have brought products into Unhinged.

The first one has a very clever, local company name called “shh it.” This company makes some pretty awesome accessories and jewelry. They focus on leather working and they’re necklaces, earings, and small hand bags have a rich, Native American vibe to them. The use of feathers and light pastel colored beads attached to the brown and black leather makes for a great accessory to add to any outfit!

The second company also does a lot of work with leather. Their company name is Stickdog Leather. They make some awesome dog collars with interesting items embedded into the leather. They are a reddish leather that would look great on any dog! They make coin purses and leather shoulder bags and purses. They are solid and look like they will hold together very well, plus with the intricate buttons and bead-work, they look amazing!

The last local company is called Ambatana Threads and makes purses and handbags as well, but they have a little more color and spunk. The fabric is simple with stripes and buttons, but that doesn’t mean they fall short of quality. They are hand sewn are pretty classy. They will liven up any outfit!! Another sweet thing about this company is that they employ refugees from Kenya and Iraq. Supporting this comapany is giving the local refugees a new opportunity in Utah and America.

Stop by Unhinged and take a look and all the locally made products in Salt Lake! They are all really creative and look fantastic!