Local Company “Esque” at Unhinged in Salt Lake

Posted on Dec 7, 2011

esque at unhingedIt’s time for another focus on a locally made product being sold at Unhinged! The local company has been building up for a while now and has made their way onto the shelves at Unhinged.

We enjoy carrying local brands with an interesting story behind them and Esque is no different. Brian Garret and Andrea Beecher are the founders and have used their creativity to bring the company to life.

Esque is a company the uses rare and unique vintage fabrics to make pillows that cannot be found anywhere else! They are literally one-of-a-kind. The history of design that both Brian and Andrea acquired is eminent within their well-crafted pillows.

These handmade pillows are a great addition to any house, and with the different colors, styles, and designs they are hard to say no to.

If you are interested in these pillows or any other locally made products in utah, come into Unhinged in Sugarhouse and take a look at all the awesome items that we have to offer.