Great Jewelry and Accessories at Unhinged in Utah!

Posted on Nov 6, 2012

jewelry and accessories salt lakeUnhinged carries a lot in the relatively small store. There is clothing, jewelry, handbags, hats, coats, mittens, beanies, paintings, photography, art, vintage electronics, and more.

One of the great things about the clothing within the shop, is that you can find awesome accessories to go with them.

There are a great selections of Salt Lake City jewelry from handmade silver spoon rings to locally designed feather earrings.

There’s amazing choice of accessories to go with any outfit including vintage fur coats, hand knitted beanings and mittens, and genuine leather belts.

If you have enough clothing to last you a life time, but need some variety to turn an old outfit into something new and exciting, Unhinged has exactly what you need. Jewelry and accessories from Salt Lake that can turn the old you into a new you.