Goorin Bros Hats in Salt Lake at Unhinged!!

Posted on Nov 16, 2011

PhotobucketGoorin Bros has been a family run company for over a hundred years, and still is today! In 1895, the first Goorin hat was sold from a horse cart in Pittsburgh by Cassel Goorin.

Cassel’s sons (the Goorin brothers) continued his business and in 1949 they moved the business to San Fransisco. Today, the great grandson of Cassel Goorin still runs the Goorin Bros hat company in San Fran, where the hats’ beautiful designs are constantly influenced by the artistic culture of the San Fransisco area.

Now, this culture can be found here in Salt Lake City because Goorin Bros hats are available at Unhinged in Sugarhouse! Unhinged carries all types of varieties for men and women. The Goorin Bros hats are made in America with quality materials, and the way they look, fit, and feel makes their quality very apparent.

The style of hats produced by this company are perfect for the trending clothing style within Salt Lake City. They go along great with all of the modern and vintage clothing that is current at Unhinged.

So come in to Unhinged and take a look at a large selection of great looking hats from Goorin Bros and maybe buy a nice outfit to match it from a bunch of other awesome and interesting brands of clothing we carry!!