Get Discounts on Clothing in Sugarhouse with a Local Card

Posted on Dec 13, 2011

clothing sugarhouseUnhinged is getting involved with another local event! This one however doesn’t last for just one day. It is indefinite.

The “event” is a local card for members only that get you discounts on local shops within Sugarhouse. Unhinged is getting involved meaning that you can get discounts on clothing in sugarhouse, if you sign up for a local card.

The card is free to Sugarhouse members and all you have to do is go to to sign up.

It can be used by every local shopper and every local business. So if you are in Sugarhouse, you can have discounts that aren’t available to anyone else.

There is an opportunity to receive cash back card or a gift card, depending on what you choose.

This card is coming soon to Sugarhouse and Unhinged! That means discounts on clothing, accessories, gifts, and more within the shop. Just look for the “Local Card Accepted Here” sticker on the door or window of shops in Sugarhouse, Utah.