Cut it Out! The Timeless short….

Posted on Apr 5, 2015


Cut-offs, if you think about them a little too hard, are a baffling piece of clothing. They have all
the hardiness, strength and structure of jeans, but all that thick, soft cloth is being used only to
wrap around your hips. It doesn’t seem like it should be comfortable, but it is. It doesn’t seem
like it should look good, but it does. But how could one go wrong, with the comfort of the jean
combined with the classic legginess of the mini-dress? It just works, and it always will. ON ANY AGE 20/30/40



Despite how rad it inevitably always looks, it can be an intimidating look to adopt into your day-to-day, no matter what you look like or how old you are.The cut-off short is timeless, and should be treated so, and that obviously involves everyone casting off fear of bein’ so bare and wearing them whenever and wherever! Just no Daisy Dukes please!

Here we’ve got two twenty-year olds and a forty-year old something…. Regardless of age, both age groups rock the look in their own ways. Besides being a neutral basic, cut-offs, just like jeans, can go with just about everything, and that “everything” is anything you wanna wear.

  • Maggie embraces the ease and undone-ness of cut-offs with her light plaid button-up and shorts both from White Crow. Her summery look is what most people imagine when they think of this particular piece of clothing.
  • Amy shows off how one can carry the vibrant and youthful mood of cut-offs from “Stress” denim into a mature and nonchalantly styled look. She adds contrasting structure to her boy-friend fitted pair with her black blazer look and sleek, casual heels. Not every cut-off is the same!
  • Erin darkens up the style with her black pair, lightened up with a breezy floral crop, and black denim cut-offs both from hellbent, a  good way to keep on the fringes of the heavy edginess. NOTE: Black cut-offs can lean towards (though it’s totally cool to completely give into this edginess with a grungy tank and sneakers too.)

If still in doubt, always remember that your camping go to of worn-in shirt and cut-offs is actually incredibly and immortally in style. Cut-offs are great for just that reason; they can be styled and built on, or stripped down to their simplest form for easiest comfort and minimalism. Either way, come by Unhinged soon and snag a pair of our perfectly reworked pairs by Stress, hellbent, White Crow, Black Swan, and may your bottom always be chic and comfy.