City Escape

Posted on Jan 27, 2015


BRIGHT lights, a smallish city, and a BIG dress with shoes to fill.  Well, here she is. The girl. The “Chrissy” girl. The busy girl, the leisure girl, the urban girl, the artsy gir, the small town big city girl with all the all the BIG SMALL plans. The Miranda, The Carrie Bradshaw, the Zoe, the Taylor..The Crissy. The what the eff ever girl. ..this dress explains it all. So come and play. Play with the girl. The Idea. The Dream. The City.  Together this dress and the girl are a force to be reckoned with.  The evoke feeling, soul, passion, excitement, adventure. She (the girl, the dress, “Chrissy) is everything to everyone because she goes with you everywhere. She is ubquitous.

THE LOOK: The Squad Speros Chrissy Dress. Vintage Readers Digest Books. Silverware Design bracelets,
Kraft leather briefcase. All from UNHINGED, SALT LAKE CITY.


PHOTOGRAPHY BY: MARINA FOWLER. Instagram: mazeomirrors

STYLING BY: AMY TAGGART. Instagram: ataggart_stylist

MODEL: MALLORY BELL : Instagram: mallorybell