Button Your Coats, It’s Cold Out There

Posted on Nov 9, 2015



Finally.  Climate change gives up and coats are on again.  Sure, at some point we complain about chapped skin and numb nostrils, but for now we get to break out the stuff hidden in the back of the closet while the sweaty sun was killing us.  If you love clothes, now is your time.  You get to just pile them on.  Big boots. Wrappy cloaks.  Turtle necks, for heck’s sake.






But sometimes the onset of winter gives us a little Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the impending freeze makes you want to cling to the summer that treated you so well.  You don’t have to give in to winter! You can keep on that pretty sundress you’re not quite over wearing if you stack on a fuzzy coat to keep you warm.  It’s all about the tasteful contrasts.  Go ahead and throw on the flowy skirt, just do your legs a favor and add some tights.






And finally, a note for all your extremities  – stay safe!  Remember your gloves, scarves, high necklines, and – most importantly – hats. You’ve only got so many brain cells, so keep them safe with a cool beanie. Pair it with a denim jacket and a little leather and you’ve got an outfit not even Jack Frost could mess with.






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MODEL/STYLIST: Maggie Wilson

WRITTEN BY: Maggie Wilson

The Looks:

1: Thread & Supply poncho, Comme Toi skirt, Third Eye shirt and necklace

2: Ark Reworks dress, Salvage West vintage fur coat, Gorgeous Awesome chakra earrings

3: Salvage West vintage denim jacket, Third eye shirt and hat, Firstrom leggings, Salvage West vintage Converse, Every Monday cuff bracelets, Silver Wear necklace