3 More Locally Designed Products at Unhinged Salt Lake

Posted on Jan 12, 2012

locally made accessories utah
Unhinged is a big fan of local clothing designers and artists. So anytime we get a chance to promote a new Salt Lake City local business, we jump right on it! Over the past few weeks we have gotten three more local business’s products into our shop.

These businesses are fairly unique. The first one is a company called Luxurious Handmade Headwear by Tom Clark. Tom is a fantastic crochet enthusiast and after not being able to find a quality beanie anywhere, he purchased high quality cashmere yarn and learned to make a hat. Friends began purchasing his hats and his business grew. He now calls himself the Beanie Cap Guy. His caps and scarves are local and handmade from soft, rare yarn, including materials like Yak Down, Camel Down, Bison Down, Alpaca, Angora, Merino, and more.

Another local designer recycles old belts and makes them into button bracelets that are hand painted. These bracelets are pretty awesome and unique. Because they are handmade, every bracelet is one of a kind.

The last new local product in our shop is jewelry made by a company called homeslip crafts. This jewelry is also handcrafted and made here in Salt Lake City. The main theme of the jewelry is bright beads. They come in bracelets and rings and are a fun way to spice up any outfit.

Unhinged is the home a various local designers with products that are unique, vintage, recycled and one-of-kind. So come into the shop today and see our local section along with all of the other great items we carry!