Posts made in November, 2011

Free People Has Finally Arrived at Unhinged in Salt Lake

Posted on Nov 9, 2011

After a few weeks of waiting, Unhinged has finally received our order of Free People Clothing!! This Philadelphia Company has gone through some changes over the past 30+ years and has morphed with growth and popularity. It has changed its name and become a well-known clothing line called Urban Outfitters. But it took a step back a realized that fame and riches are not everything when it comes to designing clothing. Free People took a large leap back to its roots and began selling a more specified type of clothing. A step away from its trendy Urban Outfitter scene to a more modern/vintage...

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Unhinged is Being Featured in the Sugarhouse Art Walk

Posted on Nov 8, 2011

For the first time ever, Sugar House is having an Art Walk! It is on 11/11/11, from 6-9 PM in Sugarhouse. There are a few venues and tons of local artists involved. Unhinged is excited to say that we are being included in the first annual Sugarhouse Fall Art Walk! Our shop will be showing off some of the local art that product designers around Salt Lake have for sale within our shop. Learn more at The purpose of this art walk is to get people involve with and promote local art and music in the Sugarhouse community. Especially while the economy is doing so poorly,...

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Unhinged in Salt Lake Sells J.A.C.H.S Shirts

Posted on Nov 4, 2011

J.A.C.H.S or Just a Cheap Shirt Company is a pretty sweet brand that provides an awesome selection of washed fabrics now available in Salt Lake at Unhinged. They began their company in Istanbul in 2008 and quickly gained popularity throughout the world. J.A.C.H.S moved a headquarter to New York recently and sells their clothing in over 750 stores across the world. J.A.C.H.S has a interesting ideal about fashion. Their have a very specific focus to detail in their style and fabric selection. Each article of clothing is made with this in mind. Their goal is to make sure every piece provides a...

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Cheap Monday At Unhinged in Salt Lake City

Posted on Nov 3, 2011

Unhinged is a small shop located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This small shop focuses on carrying modern and vintage clothing that is fashionable, but unique to the Salt Lake area. One of these brands in particular is Cheap Monday. Cheap Monday began with the creation of a second hand store in Stockholm in 2000. It was called Weekend, and was only open on Saturday and Sunday. It expanded and opened everyday, so the name strategically changed to Weekday. Most of the jeans sold in the shop were classy, but extremely expensive. Cheap Monday began creating their own brand of jeans that were tight...

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Unhinged Carries Alchemy Goods Exclusively in Utah

Posted on Nov 2, 2011

Alchemy Goods is a pretty awesome small shop that started just a few years back. The owner and brains behind the company had a messenger bag stolen from them. In cheap desperation to have it replaced, old bicycle tubes were cut up and sewn together to make the first Alchemy Goods product. Friends began wanting bags of their own, and with more practice, the product got better. Today, Alchemy Good’s products are sold all over the country. Unhinged in Salt Lake City just happens to be the only retailer in the state of Utah to carry Alchemy Goods. There are a variety of products within the...

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