Posts made in September, 2011

What is Vintage Fashion is Salt Lake City

Posted on Sep 30, 2011

Vintage clothing is accessible for men and women in most modern cultures throughout the world. Vintage implies that the clothing was trendy within a previous era, time period, or generation. Within the vintage genre, there are a few subcategories for types of vintage clothing. There is retro or retrospective, meaning that the clothing belonged to a previous era. There is Repro or Reproduction, which means the clothing was popular in a previous time period, but it has been remade with modern material to have a more modern feel. There is second hand clothing, and antique clothing that somewhat...

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Updates to Salt Lake’s Vintage Clothing Retailer

Posted on Sep 28, 2011

Unhinged in Salt Lake City has had some recent updates. We are still a large retailer of men and women’s vintage clothing in Utah. We strive to sell fashion accessories in Salt Lake at a low price.  We also have various, small gift ideas around the shop. Unhinged has revamped its online presence.  We have created a new interactive website that will be fully functional very soon. Our blog has been restyled and integrated into the website.  We have done this in hopes of creating a new and exciting online community within the fashion scene of Salt Lake City and eventually spread through...

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